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Spinkie Dreamy Pillowcase + Bow Cushion Set


The Dreamy Pillowcase and Bow Cushion set is a beautiful and magical addition to your dreamy bed setting. With its ruffle trims, ribbon tie closures, and choice of high-quality materials, the pillowcase exudes elegance and grace. The handmade Dreamy Bow Cushion complements any princess or storybook room theme with its soft tulle ruffle trim and skin-loving charmeuse silk fabric. Together, they create a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere that will make your bed a cozy and inviting haven of beauty and imagination.

Key Features:
– Fits a standard to queen-sized pillow (pillow not included)
– Comes with beautiful ruffle trims and ribbon tie closures on the flap to conceal the pillow nicely

Please note that due to the handmade nature of our products, shipping may take up to 14 days. Well worth the wait!
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Spinkie Dreamy Pillowcase + Bow Cushion Set
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