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Dreamy Fort - Baby Breath - Out of Stock

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A delightful and lightweight fabric fort that aids in giving children a new environment for imaginative play, and a special place where they can feel calm and safe.  Install it in a room and instantly provide a play area, hangout, or a separate sleep space for children sharing rooms.  Let the children build an even more elaborate fort with it and nurture their sense of space, wonder and imagination while creating precious memories along the way.

*Actual product color may differ slightly from the photos because of the lighting, but rest assured that we try our best to show an accurate image of the product


The Dreamy Fort has plush ball weights to secure the roof and four corner pocket provision for weights to keep fort in place when used outdoors.

Hand or gentle machine wash with mild detergent. Line Drying recommended

Fabric only: Length – 85 inches (214 cm); Width – 54 inches (138 cm); Height – 59 inches (150 cm); Loop – 1.5 inches (3.5 cm); Weight – 1.5 kg

Fully installed (may vary): Width- 43 inches (109 cm); Length – 48 inches (122 cm);  Height – 55 inches (140 cm)

Please drill a hole on 4 points of the ceiling measuring 70 x 114 inches to create the right tension for the fort.  Use a nylon line to hang the fort by its 4 loops and adjust accordingly to ensure that its four sides hang at equal levels and that you keep a good drape on the floor.  Another option is for parents and children to tie the four sides of the fort to any secure area in the room like on windows and cabinets using laces and ribbons.


Dreamy Fort - Baby Breath - Out of Stock

Dreamy Fort - Baby Breath - Out of Stock